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Request for Expressions of Interest


Pursuant to WV Code 5G-1-1, the Pendleton County Commission is seeking Expressions of Interest from architectural and engineering firms for all professional services required for the installation of a fire suppression system in the Pendleton County Courthouse.  Services will include preparation of construction documents and bid specifications, coordination with the West Virginia Courthouse Facility Improvement Authority, as well as construction contract administration services to ensure compliance with the project design and specifications.  This project is contingent upon funding and a decision by the Pendleton County Commission to accept and approve the project.

Interested firms are invited to submit an Expression of Interest that will include the following: firm background and overall qualifications, resumes of key staff assigned to the project, relevant project experience (preferably within the state of West Virginia), and client references.

In accordance with WV Code 5G-1-1 and West Virginia Qualifications-Based Selection for projects under $250,000, the Pendleton County Commission will evaluate the Expressions of Interest and select a firm deemed most qualified for the project.

The Pendleton County Commission reserves the right to reject any and all Expressions of Interest and to make award in any manner deemed by it, in its sole discretion, to be in the best interest of the Pendleton County Commission in accordance to WV Code 5G-1-3.

Interested firms should submit three (3) copies of your Expression of Interest to:

Pendleton County Commission
Attention: Karen Pitsenbarger
PO Box 187
100 South Main Street
Franklin, WV  26807

Expressions of Interest are to be submitted no later than January 20, 2020 by 4:00pm EST.  Any and all questions relating to the proposed project and your submissions should be made via email only to Karen Pitsenbarger, County Administrator, Pendleton County Commission at karenp@pencowv.com.&

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