The Assessor's Office is responsible for listing property for taxation. They are also responsible for duties relating to the Homestead Exemption, farm valuation, managed timberland, military personnel exemptions, and dog tags.

County Clerk

The office of the Clerk is charged with a multiplicity of duties by law. In addition to serving as Clerk of the Court, the Clerk also serves as clerk to the County Commission and takes minutes of all actions and records.

Sheriff’s Office

The Department of Law Enforcement's primary goal is to enforce the laws governed by the state of West Virginia and provide Pendleton County with the highest Quality law enforcement services possible.

Circuit Clerk

The Pendleton County Circuit Clerk's primary function is to establish, maintain, and keep county records of the circuit court. In addition to court related duties, the Clerk is responsible for a number of administrative, financial, and public service duties.


The Magistrate Court handles civil claims up to $5,000, including wrongful occupation and unlawful detainers; misdemeanor and felony cases; worthless checks; traffic and DNR citations; and issues domestic violence petitions. The magistrates also serve as juvenile referees.

Tax Office

The Sheriff's Tax Office is responsible for collecting all county taxes. The tax statements are mailed from the Sheriff's Office on or near July 15th of each year. Taxes are due by September 1 to receive a discount on the first half taxes and by March 1 to receive a discount on the second half taxes. All unpaid taxes become delinquent on May 1 each year.

County Administrator

Karen Pitsenbarger serves as the County Administrator. She oversees all administrative duties of the Commission.

Prosecuting Attorney

The Prosecuting Attorney handles the prosecution of criminal offenses in Pendleton County and also attends to civil suits in the county in which the State or any department, commission or board thereof, is interested.