Shenandoah Mountain camera provided by a cooperative arrangement between Pendleton County, West Virginia and the Virginia Department of Transportation. All other cameras provided by Pendleton County.

Route 33 Shenandoah Mountain

Virginia/West Virginia border: Elevation 3453

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Westbound View

Route 33 North Fork Mountain

West of Franklin WV: Elevation 3580

Eastbound View

Westbound View

Allegheny Mountain - US 33 - Pendleton/Randolph County Line

Location of the Eastern Continental Divide - Elevation 3295'

Allegheny-East View

Allegheny-West View

Allegheny-Rt 33 Surface

Hunting Ground Mt. Webcams Spruce Mt. and Snowy Mt.

South of Spruce Knob WV -- Elevation 3635'

Spruce Mountain

Snowy Mountain